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We are the chosen generation. This is the most important time in human history. We are at the brink of a real revolution and the next step in evolution. The first way this will happen is through hip hop music and what we put out there into the culture. PeaceLife is dedicated to making the soundtrack that will help usher in the right type of consciousness and help prepare the young for this change in culture.

"I am not a spirtual leader. But I am a leader, and I am spiritual."- Mann ‘Bittersweet’

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I love this video!


From the Tao Te Ching

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Hot Nigga Freestyle -LanaaMak

LanaaMak a.k.a. Goldie Locs freestyle to Bobby Shmurdas Hot Nigga.


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#PeaceLife on Fox 11 News! I gave Christine Devine a @usbandz on live tv! ✌️😎✌️


I am a God. #TheGreyArea Out now!